Visual Identity for the 2nd edition of the Szymanowski Competition designed by the Noviki Studio


The Noviki artistic duo, consisting of Katarzyna Nestorowicz and Marcina Nowicki, has delivered visual identity for the 2nd edition of the Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition.

Direct inspiration for the various geometrical forms present in all the elements of the Competition’s visual identity came from Franciszka Themerson and Stefan Themerson’s 1945 film „The Eye and the Ear”. It i san experimental work, in which the artists wanted to translate Karol Szymanowski’s music into visual arts. The point of departure were the Słopiewnie with Julian Tuwim’s words, with a different catalogue of animated shapes, waves and patterns assigned to each song. 

Drawing from the Themersons’ experimental graphical concepts, Noviki saturated black and white images with a rich palette of colours and textures, along with photos and video recordings of the Competition’s first edition. Thus, their designs combine experiences of the Competition with uncompromising artistic searching characteristic for Karol Szymanowski himself, simultaneously showing his influence on those working in dfferent areas of art.

The Warsaw-based Noviki duo is known for experimenting with technologies and new media, as well as for attempts at broadening the scope of graphic design, e.g. with interactive applications and videoposters. Some of the exhibitions showing their works were ones at the Bunkier Sztuki gallery in Cracow, at the 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, and at the Flumadiddle Graphic Design Festival Glasgow.

More information obout the Noviki duo’s art can be found here

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