Danuta Gwizdalanka’s Uwodziciel winning the Koryfeusz Muzyki Polskiej award


14th November 2021 saw the 11th ceremony of the Koryfeusze Muzyki Polskiej [Coryphées of Polish Music] awards. They are the music industry’s awards, coordinated by the National Institute of Music and Dance. This year, Danuta Gwizdalanka, a musicologist and a writer publishing on music, was awarded for her book Uwodziciel. Rzecz o Karolu Szymanowskim [The Seducer. On Karol Szymanowski] published by PWM Edition. She won the „Event of the year” award for „an intriguing and in-depth monograph on Karol Szymanowski, analysing the composer’s personality; for inspiring interest in the portrait of not only an outstanding artist, but also that of a human”. The book has already become a bestseller.

We offer our sincere congratulations to the Author!

Ewa Tracz, laureate of the 1st prize in the 1st Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition, will perform at the inauguration of the new season at NOSPR.

The 2021/2022 season at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice will begin with one of the most important works in the whole symphonic repertoire – Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in d minor op. 125. In addition to the orchestra, the Choir of the National Forum of Music, and the Polish National Youth Choir, the audience will enjoy performances from the exquisite soloists: Ewa Tracz, Karolina Sikora, Andrzej Lampert and Szymon Komasa. All will be conducted by NOSPR’s artistic director, Lawrence Foster.

Ewa Tracz is laureate of the 1st prize in the 1st Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition in Katowice. She was also awarded the special prize for the best performance of a piece by Karol Szymanowski.

She graduated from the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the PhD programme at the K. Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice having studied solo voice with prof. AM dr hab. Ewa Biegas.

You can learn more about the event here

On Wednesday, 8th September, at 11 o’clock, a ceremonial session of the Katowice City Council took place at the seat of NOSPR to award Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa, a composer and long-term director of NOSPR (2000-2018), Honorary Citizenship.

It would be difficult to overestimate Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa’s contribution to the cultural development of Katowice, most completely summarised with her own words at the opening of NOSPR’s new concert hall in 2014:

– While Katowice was a most important industrial centre for 150 years, now it will be an important cultural centre on the map of Poland and – thanks to NOSPR – Europe for another 150 years. History of music shows it is every 150 years that eras and styles tend to change.

While managing NOSPR, Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa led the work which resulted in the establishment of the Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition.

We would like to convey our heartfelt congratulations on such an extraordinary honour!

The second edition of the Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition will begin as soon as in a year’s time! The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, the organiser of the Competition, has just announced the dates and the rules for the second edition.

First organised in 2018, the Competition was a perfect fit for the cultural panorama of Katowice – a UNESCO City of Music – gathering the best young vocalists and instrumentalists of the world in the capital of Upper Silesia. The challenge they are facing is no mean one. What Karol Szymanowski’s music requires from artists is not only technical perfection, but first and foremost charisma, maturity and passion – all the factors which make the greatest personalities of the musical world really stand out.

The second edition is bound to make even more opportunities open before its participants. The most significant change will be the temporal separation of the Composition discipline from the competition in the performing disciplines, which will enable their artistic alignment. The Competition in the Composition discipline is scheduled as early as summer 2022. The works awarded in it will become mandatory for the participants in the performing disciplines of the Competition in 2023. Thus, works created thanks to the Competition will come to life and the young performers will face challenges presented by new music. One could hardly imagine a better tribute to Karol Szymanowski!

There will be the most famous artists of our time and the most influential personalities of international musical circles to be found among the jurors. There is also the total prize money of €300,000 and opportunity to make one’s name among global press and audiences awaiting the participants.

Entries in the Composition discipline will be accepted from 1st July to 31st August 2022.

Recruitment for participation in the performing categories will take place from November 2022 to January 2023.

Please sign up for our newsletter and follow our website and social media! More information about the second edition of the competition, the jurors, and preceding events will appear there very soon. 

The Noviki artistic duo, consisting of Katarzyna Nestorowicz and Marcina Nowicki, has delivered visual identity for the 2nd edition of the Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition.

Direct inspiration for the various geometrical forms present in all the elements of the Competition’s visual identity came from Franciszka Themerson and Stefan Themerson’s 1945 film „The Eye and the Ear”. It i san experimental work, in which the artists wanted to translate Karol Szymanowski’s music into visual arts. The point of departure were the Słopiewnie with Julian Tuwim’s words, with a different catalogue of animated shapes, waves and patterns assigned to each song. 

Drawing from the Themersons’ experimental graphical concepts, Noviki saturated black and white images with a rich palette of colours and textures, along with photos and video recordings of the Competition’s first edition. Thus, their designs combine experiences of the Competition with uncompromising artistic searching characteristic for Karol Szymanowski himself, simultaneously showing his influence on those working in dfferent areas of art.

The Warsaw-based Noviki duo is known for experimenting with technologies and new media, as well as for attempts at broadening the scope of graphic design, e.g. with interactive applications and videoposters. Some of the exhibitions showing their works were ones at the Bunkier Sztuki gallery in Cracow, at the 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, and at the Flumadiddle Graphic Design Festival Glasgow.

More information obout the Noviki duo’s art can be found here

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