Opening entries for the Composition category!


We have been waiting for this day for a very long time, and we are truly excited to share this news with you - we are opening entries for the Composition category!

The 2nd edition of the Szymanowski Competition is the opportunity for the most talented young musicians to gain fame and attractive awards. The total cash prize sum is 300,000! Entries for the Composition category close on 30th September and the results will be revealed in the month of the 140th anniversary of Karol Szymanowski’s birthday.  In November, we open entries for the performers in the following categories: Piano, Violin, String Quartet, and Voice. The winning piece in the composition category will become a part of the repertoire for the performers. But first, let us remind you the age limits. Artists born in the following years may participate in the 2nd part of the Competition:

Piano, Violin, String Quartet: 1991 - 2006


ladies: 1991 - 2003

gentlemen: 1988 - 2003

Final auditions will be held in the Concert Hall of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. It was designed by an extraordinary specialist in the domain of acoustics, Yasuhisa Toyota from Nagata Acoustics. Certainly, the experience of performing in such a place will remain unforgettable for long years - after all, it was for a reason that the NPRSO seat was included in the prestigious European Concert Hall Organization ECHO - an association that unites the finest music centres in Europe.

Composers, you can apply here:

Good luck!

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