Musical memory


The Szymanowski Competition performing categories: Piano, Violin, String quartet, and Voice, have been opened. The repertoire is available here. In compliance with the rules, the artists perform pieces from memory. We do know that this leaves some terrified, which is why we would like to offer a few pieces of advice for developing your musical memory.

Before we move on to the subject matter, remember to make sure that, before beginning your practice, you are well-rested and hydrated, and that your room has been well-ventilated. Otherwise, you will quickly lose focus and become tired and annoyed.

A common cause of problems with musical memory is that musicians focus entirely on the musical notation, this rendering them unable to actually hear the melody.

Begin your practice with listening to the pieces while following the notes simultaneously.

Replay the piece several times. Eventually, you will not need the notes any more.

Will you now try to perform the piece from memory? If you do not succeed at the first attempt, do not give up. Practice makes perfect.

Another exercise is to play the same melody in all keys. It will fail no one. Finally, everyone will remember the piece to be played. Don’t be afraid, try to repeat a melody you’ve heard at a concert or in an ad. This exercise is amazing for developing your memory, imagination, and improvisation skills.

Do you want a warranty of success? Additionally, take care of:

• setting a goal - choose the pieces you find the most interesting among all those in the competition material

• motivation - think about the 25,000 euros you can win coming first in the Szymanowski Competition

• visualising the goal as achieved - we don’t know how well you can do it yourself, but as for us, we can imagine you at the NOSPR stage during the awards ceremony perfectly well

• organising your work - make a schedule of when you’re going to practise and stick to it

Last but not least, do not forget about a positive attitude. You’ll make it!

You have time to apply for the Competition until 31st January 2023.

The application form is available here.

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