Classical musicians on social media: tips and tricks


The time we spend on social media is much longer than we would like to admit. Let’s make some practical use of the time! Below, you can read a short guide to building your musical career on social media.

Let’s begin with content you can start publishing practically straightaway. First of all, let your followers get to know you, tell them about yourself, your musical education, the type of music you perform, where you perform, what your goals and dreams are…

Be honest with yourself and your followers and do not hesitate to talk about the mistakes you made throughout your education and career. Let people learn from your mistakes and shorten the distance between yourself and them. After all, nobody’s perfect. 

Once you have told them about your experience, you may also share those tips and tricks you discovered through your innumerable hours of practice. Who knows, maybe you will make somebody’s life easier?

Another great idea is to join challenges, e.g. 100 days of practice. Every challenge of this kind on social media is brought together by a specific hashtag, e.g. #100daypracticechallenge. This is a perfect way not only to hone your skill, but also to join a virtual community of musicians, in which everyone can find motivation, inspiration, and support.

We can’t forget about fundamental content - it is necessary that you share fragments of your performances and rehearsals. Maybe you’ll manage to find a recording of your very first performance, back in your childhood, and make a compilation of “the first concert in my life vs. the latest one”?

Join forces with another artist! Perform your favourite piece together, exchange experiences and… use each other’s reach. There is no downside here! It is an equally good idea to create reviews and share your reactions to various musical events. 

We have a hunch that you devote a lot of your social media time to entertainment. It is actually thanks to entertainment that you can further your career in an easy and enjoyable way. Every platform offers multiple trends you can easily hop on increasing your reach. A trend might be specific music or a sound that you can interpret as you please, adding your own photos or recordings, a ‘script’ for the film, or a template used in your video. This is a way for you to show that classical music is for everyone and that it offers a space for entertainment and humour, twosetviolin is a perfect case in point here.

Don’t forget that, in addition to creating content, it is equally important to be active in the community. It is absolutely imperative that you respond to comments, engage in dialogue, and comment on other musicians’ posts (only if you have something valuable to bring in!).

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