Szymanowski's 140th anniversary


Exactly 140 years ago, the world welcomed one of the greatest artists in history - Karol Szymanowski. It is heart-warming to see his music (and through the music, the composer himself) still alive after this many years, still admired and performed around the world by either the older and the younger generations of musicians. We are delighted that we can celebrate this event with you, with people who share the same values and admire art. There is no better way to celebrate Szymanowski's birthday than participating in the Competition. Very soon we will find out the winners of the Composition. To sweeten this waiting for result time, we have prepared a few options that will help us celebrate today's holiday fully.

  1. NOSPR Symphonic educational concert / Szymanowski – Portrait 140/85 - the Competition Organiser has prepared two educational concerts dedicated to Szymanowski! Szymanowski's works will be performed by two laureates of the 1st edition of the Competition - Sławomira Wilga and Roksana Kwaśnikowska. We can't wait to see them at the NOSPR stage again!
  2. Karol Szymanowski: Piano Works, the newest release of an excellent pianist - Kristian Zimerman. A must-have in the collection of every music lover. 
  3. Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice, co-organiser of the Competition, invites to a piano Wednesday, in the programme: 4 Mazurkas op. 50, Sonata in C Minor, Op. 8, and Harnasie op. 55 in transcription for two pianos in Joanna Domańska’s development.
  4. „Karol z Atmy – wartość tradycji i wyzwania współczesności” - a concert in Atma, the place where Szymanowski lived and composed, the place he truly loved. In the programme, i.a. Harnasie, the famous ballet of Szymanowski pefromed by duoAccosphere and Airis Quartet.
  5. Karol Radziszewski's "Myths" - in Warsaw you can visit an art exhibition devoted to Szymanowski. Radziszewski illustrated the entire life of the composer, from Tymoshivka, through Szymanowski’s portraits, to his lovers’ pictures. The exhibition ends on the 26th of November.
  6. SzymaNOWski 140 - OperaLight’s project opened with a premiere of Roxana’s Song videoclip, a modern adaptation of Szymanowski’s King Roger which expresses the current world situation. In the later phase of the project, there is a series of concerts fully devoted to Szymanowski’s works. 
  7. Polskie Radio has prepared a series of podcasts in which Zofia Szymanowska, the youngest sister of Karol, tells about their childhood in Tymoshivka (memories by Zofia Szymanowska reads Teresa Budzisz-Krzyżanowska).

Thank you for being with us. It’s wonderful to celebrate this extraordinary month with you. We encourage you to follow the Competition’s events. Very soon we will find out the first winners and move on to the performing competition.

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