String quartet / 1st stage

Sala Kameralna | NOSPR

10:30-11:15 - Quíron Quartet

L. van Beethoven - Kwartet smyczkowy F-dur op. 18 nr 1
K. Szymanowski - I Kwartet smyczkowy C-dur op. 37, cz. 1. Lento assai – Allegro moderato

11:15-12:00 - Turicum Quartet

L. van Beethoven - Kwartet smyczkowy B-dur op. 18 nr 6
K. Szymanowski - Kwartet smyczkowy C-dur op. 37, cz. 1. Lento assai – Allegro moderato

A string quartet is an intimate form. It is a most challenging form, both for the composer and for the performers. Karol Szymanowski’s two string quartets are true gems, world-class masterpieces of the genre.

Like light focused in a lens, Szymanowski’s quartets concentrate within themselves the essence of his musical language, his style, and his emotionality. To perform them convincingly, one needs perfect workmanship and wide cultural horizons. Yet, the Karol Szymanowski Competition does not look for convincing performers. It looks for arch-masters.

Admission to the competition auditions is free. Auditions are held from 10:30-12:00 at the NOSPR Chamber Hall.

Online booking via the link below is mandatory:


Reservation of entrance tickets will be conducted until the pool of available places is exhausted. Confirmation of the allocation of tickets will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the reservation process. Tickets will be available for pickup on the day of the event at the place indicated in the e-mail.

Please arrive in advance, in order to take seats in the hall, to ensure uninterrupted auditions.

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