Piano / 2nd stage

Sala Koncertowa | Akademia Muzyczna im. K. Szymanowskiego w Katowicach

10:00-11:00 - Adrian Hodor

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata A flat major, op. 110   

Karol Szymanowski – Masques op. 34   
             Shéhérazade (Scheherazade) 

Tantris le bouffon (Tantris the Fool) 

Sérénade de Don Juan (The Serenade of Don Juan) 

Hyunsu Kim –  I Sonata Thanatos

11:05-12:05 - Carter Johnson

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata E flat major op. 27 no 1   

Karol Szymanowski –  Nausicaa from Metopes, op. 29  

–  4 Polish Dances no 1 and 3   

12 Études op. 33 no 7, 8, 9    

– 9 Preludes op. 1 no 1, 5, 6   

Pablo Borràs –  Imita


12:25-13:25 - Francesco Maccarrone 

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata E flat major op. 31 no 3   

Karol Szymanowski – Fantasy in C major 

Variations in B flat minor op. 3   

– Prelude in  d minor op. 1 no  2    

Hyunsu Kim –  I Sonata Thanatos


16:00-17:00 - Lily Phee

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata A flat major  Op. 110 no 31   

Karol Szymanowski – Sonata A major op. 21 no 2 

Hyunsu Kim –  I Sonata Thanatos

17:05-18:05- Gaspard Thomas

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata f minor op. 57   

Karol Szymanowski – Variations in B flat minor op. 3   
             -L'île des Sirènes (The Island of Sirens) and Nausicaa from Metopes op. 29 
Hyunsu Kim –  I Sonata Thanatos

Is it possible to imagine Karol Szymanowski’s world without the piano? Absolutely not! The piano was his confidant and inseparable companion at times of creative reveries. It was the instrument which enabled him to express himself not only as a composer, but also as a performer. 

In Tymoszówka, the Szymanowskis’ family estate, the piano was virtually a member of the family. The story of its alleged destruction – by being thrown into a pond – is at the same time a story of an end of an era, also an era in the history of music. Yet, history goes on. In the competition, we search for pianists who are able to find the meaning of Szymanowski – here and now. 

In the 2nd stage, the jury will face an extremely difficult challenge, they will have to choose the best 5 pianists who will perform in the final stage. Who will win €25,000?

Admission to the competition auditions is free. Auditions are held in 2 sessions:

1st session from 10:00-14:30

2nd session from 16:00-18:05

at the Concert Hall at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.

Online booking via the links below is mandatory:

1st session RESERVATION

2nd session RESERVATION

Reservation of entrance tickets will be conducted until the pool of available places is exhausted. Confirmation of the allocation of tickets will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the reservation process. Tickets will be available for pickup on the day of the event at the place indicated in the e-mail.

Please arrive in advance, in order to take seats in the hall, to ensure uninterrupted auditions.

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