Sir Simon Rattle:
“I cannot talk objectively about Szymanowski, for you cannot expect objectivity or reasonability from someone in love.  And reasonability is out of place when this music is concerned, anyway.”
Piotr Anderszewski:
“If Chopin's music represents the martyrdom of Poland, then Szymanowski's is Polish in a rather cosmopolitan way. 
His music is full of fascinating contradictions like that, between the archaic and modern, the religious and the hedonistic.”
Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition – not just another talent show. With an inspiring repertoire, star-studded jury and a prize pool of €300,000 the competition can be a turning point in the carriers of its winners.

The Szymanowski Competition
GIVES young artists a chance.
WINS new listeners for classical music.
POPULARISES Karol Szymanowski among musicians and the audience.
IGNITES creative activity.
The Szymanowski Competition takes place every five years in four performing disciplines: piano, violin, string quartet, voice. The fifth category is composition taking place a year ahead of the performing competition. The awarded pieces will become compulsory pieces in the performing disciplines.
Competitions can be a fast track to the best concert halls in the world. The Szymanowski Competition takes place in one of them. The NOSPR concert hall in Katowice connects breath-taking architecture with world-leading acoustic. It is a stage where everything is possible.
1st July – 30th September – deadline for entries – composition
31st October – announcement of the results of the composition competition
31st January – deadline for entries – piano, violin, string quartet, voice
5th – 22nd September – auditions 
23rd September laureates’ concert 
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